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Cochineal is the noble flower bouquet that is placed in the wooden stand crafted specially by...
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Flower & Floral Arrangements Dubai

Covent Garden is a premier flower store in the UAE that started in the year 2001. The company is committed to offering the premium blooming arrangements for making your special occasions unforgettable. We are renowned for the unique floral arrangements in Dubai and our artistic staff makes sure that every bouquet is made with the finest flowers and arrangements.

Our florists focus on the little detailing and make sure that each flower stem is placed well for the most impressive flower arrangements Dubai. Our service quality and alluring flower designs provide an everlasting impact on the mind


Do Your Arrangements Arrive In A Vase?

Our florists choose the vase that best complements the design you have specified. The vases may be lined with a leaf to hide the floral foam, but the stems of the flowers will be visible more frequently than not with the best flower arrangements in Dubai.

Vase arrangements enable florists to make their floral compositions more versatile. We are able to create directly in the vase so that when the flowers come, they are ready for the design. We can take advantage of the flowers and the greenery with a vase arrangement and create something that is adapted to your needs.

This is a cost-effective choice that provides a better level of design than a bouquet and when the present comes out of the box, it requires no assembly. Flower arrangements in Dubai within the vases are affordable and may be readily cleaned and kept, or recycled when the flowers have faded.

Covent Garden has always made it a priority to provide you with the best Flower Arrangements in Dubai with the highest-quality flowers at an affordable price. We promise you the best and deliver with that promise. With us, you can easily make a speedy flower gift delivery. You no longer have to be concerned about ordering or sending flowers online.

What Information Should I Have Ready Before Ordering?

Sending flowers online has become a common phenomenon, but if you have some doubts when it comes to sending flowers and gifts online as well as regarding getting the full value of your money. We have seen how it helps to spread the happiness of receiving flowers even to locations with hard flower shops and make memorable moments even more profound. The ordering and delivery of Flower Arrangements in Dubai to you or your intended recipient has never been faster thanks to the Internet.

When you find the perfect florist, do not call them right away. Make sure you have all of the information you will need to place an order for flowers, including your full name, name, phone number, and address. If you have any coupons from the same flower shop that you want to use, you will do so as well! As a consequence, you will be able to spend less time on the phone and avoid any blunders that could lead to failure.

How are the flowers packaged?

The most significant benefit of hiring a professional florist for online flower delivery in Dubai is that they will be able to understand your preferences and implement whatever design you may have in mind. To send a thoughtful present to your loved ones, choose from our vast selection of flower bouquets and Flower Arrangements in Dubai and place an order. We make it simple for you to get your hands on the alluring arrangement by offering same-day service at no additional charge for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, and other special occasions. Our specialty is creating flower arrangements with roses, carnations, lilies, and orchids that are hand-delivered and come with 100% satisfaction. Every one of our flower bouquets and bunches comes aqua packaged and is crafted by one of our professional florists.

Can I send Flower Arrangements orders overseas?

By providing high-quality flower delivery services, we have extended our floral business network with Flower Arrangements in Dubai and even internationally. We believe that putting our consumers first is one of the reasons for our loyal repeat customers. We are in charge of countless deliveries all around the world, ensuring that consumers are served no matter where they are. All you need is an Internet connection to place an order, and we will take care of the rest. It makes no difference if you reside thousands of kilometers away from the recipient. Whether you live miles away or just around the corner, the delivery method is the same, and your order will be delivered exactly in time for the event by the nearest florist.

Can I send flowers to a work/business address?

Our mission is to bring happiness among our customers, so we offer simple and quick delivery of Flower Arrangements in Dubai so that you may enjoy your special events without any hassle. The sight of rich and brilliant flower petals will undoubtedly elevate one's spirits and brighten one's attitude! Do not let a special occasion or a significant milestone pass you by without really displaying your love for your family and friends. We not only deliver Flower Arrangements in Dubai to residential addresses, but we can also deliver them to work or commercial addresses. For every special occasion, our enticing bouquets are expertly made specifically for you. All orders are delivered by hand, with extra care and attention in a water pack, especially after Covid-19.

You may rely on our skilled team to ensure that each bouquet is sanitized prior to delivery, as well as our delivery team for contactless deliveries. Your search for stunning flowers delivered to your doorstep in Dubai has come to an end. We understand your requirements, which is why we have provided numerous delivery alternatives for specific requests, such as being the first to wish and/or midnight surprises. We can also send flowers at a specific time. We make certain that your lovely flowers arrive on schedule and in perfect shape.

Can I place an order for international deliveries?

Yes, our customers can now place an order for international deliveries. Covent Garden has expanded its international footprint, after becoming the market leader of Flower Arrangements in Dubai. We have created our website to support the specific consumer base in each location with a strong online presence. Every year we hope to expand into a new country.

When I receive an arrangement, what should I do?

After receiving Flower Arrangements in Dubai, first, choose where you will exhibit the arrangement and what you will be utilizing it for. The choice of vase will be determined by the location of the arrangement. Whether you realize it or not, dimension plays a big role in producing an impactful flower arrangement. It is critical to understand the personalities and maintenance requirements of your flowers. Take good care of your lovely flowers to ensure that they last a long time. 

How do you transport your floral arrangements?

Knowing the right way of transporting floral arrangements is part of handling these products properly. Therefore, we know how important it is for you to know in what way we transport floral arrangements Dubai products. The key to transporting the products is to do it in a way that does not damage the product, especially its freshness. That means during transportation, we will not keep these at any place that either exposes them to too much natural light or considerably deprives them of oxygen.

Excessive exposure to the light can damage the products to some extent, so we will prevent it with proper packaging measures and placement. Further, maintaining the freshness of floral products requires air, so we will transport these packaged products in our air-conditioned fleet. Contact us to know more about how we will do this transportation process after you purchase our floral arrangements Dubai items. 

What are the features of your floral arrangements?

Our flower-related products have so many features that it is next to impossible to convey all of these through this space. The same goes for our floral arrangements Dubai items as well. First and foremost, we have the arrangements in a variety of designs. Our group of floral arrangement designers strive for personalized and stunning creations to help make your occasions unforgettable. We also offer some level of customization with regard to floral arrangements Dubai products as well. As part of our customized service, you can send us photographs or ideas regarding what you have in mind and our designers will convert those into eye-catching floral creations. Contact us to know more about our product and service features.

Do you make vertical floral arrangements?

Yes, we can make vertical floral arrangements according to your preferences. Do you have any particular designs, ideas or photographs at hand with regard to these types of floral arrangements? If yes, email us your ideas, designs or photographs and our floral arrangements Dubai team will work to translate those into beautiful floral creations.

Are floral arrangements the same thing as bouquets?

To cut the long story short, no. The word ‘bouquet’ refers to a bunch of flowers chosen and put into a style or design without or with foliage. It is among the many different forms of floral arrangements. This means not all floral arrangements Dubai options are bouquets. There are other floral arrangement options with foliage and greenery in their designs. We sell and transport these other products in addition to offering flower bouquet delivery.

Another difference is that bouquets can also be hand-tied, but other floral arrangement products are put in containers, including glass vases. Floral arrangements can be more expensive than bouquets depending on the design selected and flowers used. We also have floral arrangements Dubai merchandise that cost more as compared to simple bouquets.


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