Most Popular Mother’s Day Flowers

Most Popular Mother’s Day Flowers


As always, roses are an excellent choice Mother’s Day Flowers and you can order through online flower delivery in Dubai. Whether she likes them red as in the Heavenly Read Rose Hand arrangement, or multiple colors as in the Women’s Day Special. We are offering red bouquets, white bouquets, and bouquets in multiple colors: white, pink, red, and orange.

Symbolically, roses have a lot to do with motherhood. Roses signify celebration. They are strong and elegant. The ancient Greeks associated roses with the goddess Isis who was idolized as an ideal mother. In the middle ages, roses symbolized the Virgin Mary.  Some rose bouquets are accentuated with gypsophila.

A pink rose bouquet signifies happiness and would also make a perfect gift for a mother.


Daisies are sweet. They make an excellent Mother’s Day Flowers gift for a mother who is friendly and easygoing. Daisies always look bright and cheerful, and they are bound to help you show your mother just how beautiful and loved she is. For convenience, get them delivered directly to your mother through online flower delivery in Dubai.


Ranunculuses are beautiful in such a delicate way that they are almost too good to be true. Find ranunculus in our Bouquet for Celebration flower arrangement.

The delicate petals of the ranunculus form layers upon layers of exquisite beauty. These flowers will bring a smile to any mother’s face.


If your mother favors orchids more than any other kind of flower, order our special fresh orchids for her enjoyment. Flowers are delicate and they need to be handled carefully by your online flower delivery in Dubai.


Nothing beats the bright, cheery look of a sunflower. They are an excellent addition to a mother’s day bouquet. Bright and yellow, sunflowers are as reminiscent of the rays of the sun. They are popular during summer. A sunflower is always the highlight of any arrangement because of its size and vibrant color.


Stunning gardenias have lovely foliage as well as cut flowers with a lovely fragrance. Special mother’s day arrangements contain flowers like gardenias, lily of the valley, lilacs, and many others.


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