Wedding Flower Decoration Themes for 2021

Wedding Flower Decoration Themes for 2021

In the nuptial planning phase, you might wonder which floral theme to choose for your wedding as there are many trends and well-known themes. As an online seller, we have quite an extensive collection of wedding bouquets on our e-commerce website. So, we let you buy wedding flowers online in Dubai, and that too in a wide variety, thus simplifying the arrangement of the products by certain themes. One of these may be the theme you want to achieve for your UAE wedding, with our products too.

Boho Wedding

The popularity of the bohemian wedding look has become more over time, and it will keep going up. Use earthy floral tones as well as blend textures to have the right bohemian flair for your wedding. Hand-tied bouquets are among the perfect options to achieve that wild, free vibe at the ceremony. You can get the handmade products from our store created for online flower delivery in Dubai, as well.

When making your centerpiece attractions, focus on much lush greenery before organically adding in flowers to achieve that free-flowing vibe. Using a few mismatched rugs along the wedding aisle, or the seating room with floor cushions, will help set you up for bohemian beauty.

Backyard Wedding

Whether an intimate garden ceremony or a big affair in the backyard, it will be great for couples seeking something they can personally connect to. If you have a large, open space for the ceremony, consider making small areas with florals and other décor elements so that guests realize what is going on where. A flower-covered arch or floral backdrop can be a good way of drawing attention to your main ceremony area. For the wedding reception, think about using centrepieces that are smaller in scale, and setting the mood with string lighting.

Vintage Wedding

With the affinity for old-fashioned nostalgia, vintage wedding themes are here to stay. The theme makes for a great option to include elements from your familial ancestors and then cause the affair to be more personal. Consider including vintage qualities with mismatched furniture and china (perhaps some from your grandmother’s collection) as well as lace and linen decorations. As centerpiece elements, eclectic candleholders or birdcages covered in flowers can add the right vintage vibe.

Roman Wedding

Have you been planning to have a wedding with lush florals and candles in abundance? If yes, a romantic theme may be right for your wedding. Use cascading or oversized bouquets for a bit of drama. For your wedding décor, consider using stunning chandeliers and centrepieces that overflow with much greenery and many garlands. For the florals, consider choosing the fluffy flowers such as peony blooms, dahlias and roses for the lush texture.

Are you still wondering which one to choose as the theme? When you are, feel free to shop for bouquet options with different styles, which you can combine into one that suits you and your other half. When shopping, you may also explore the products available on our site to buy wedding flowers online in Dubai by occasions.


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