Tricks To Keep Flowers Fresh And Long Lasting

Tricks To Keep Flowers Fresh And Long Lasting

Do you often buy flower bouquet in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE? If so, you might have done business with a vendor that uses refrigerated vehicles and safe packaging to deliver the product to you. However fresh a flower arrangement or bouquet it might be, how long it lasts depends on how well you care for it. This means buying from a responsible provider of online flower bouquet delivery in Dubai is only part of what makes the product last as much time as possible. The other, more important part of keeping them fresh for the maximum time is proper maintenance.

A major factor in flower maintenance is related to placement. Here, as an online flower delivery in Dubai service provider, we will discuss where not to place the product to let you make the most of it.

Understand The Ethylene Effect

Fruits and flowers emit the gaseous ethylene hormone when these products age. The hormone plays a part in the fruit ripening process. Therefore, you can put green tomatoes with or near almost useless bananas. The bananas will emit the hormone, and it will help the tomatoes ripen. When it comes to flowers, though, the gaseous substance can make their petals die off and leaves drop. Injured flowers, as the ones that are just gathered for a new bouquet, will emit much ethylene. Therefore, those flowers often get deprived of their vigor pretty fast. To keep the flowers in good condition for longer, it is important to make them least exposed to ethylene or avoid that exposure. To do it, here is what you should do after your online flower bouquet delivery in Dubai city.

Keep Your Flowers Away From Fruits

Apples, pears, bananas, tomatoes and several other fruits give off high levels of ethylene as it is an important hormone for their ripening. The hormone that the fruits give off can go a long distance through the air; if it reaches flowers, it might be diffused and might not cause any issue. That said, experienced teams of online flower bouquet delivery in Dubai also know that their products could fade faster if placed near fruits.

Place Them Away From Fire Pits Or Grills Too

Petroleum and natural gas are also ethylene sources, which means these could negatively affect plant life. There have been situations where trees around lit street lamps dropped their leaves due to the ethylene exposure effect. Even high ethylene emissions from vehicle exhausts can make nearby plants grow stunted. For these reasons, as a team behind online flower bouquet delivery in Dubai, we would recommend putting any plants, whether cut or uncut, at a distance from gas sources to keep these growing vigorously. Some of those gas sources are car exhausts, oil lanterns, barbecue grills, and fire pits.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are several ways of getting the most out of your flowers. The basic maintenance tips also include cutting the stem at a particular angle and keeping the flowers out of direct sunlight. Besides following those basic tips, be sure to order flowers online Dubai and place those products away from every ethylene hot spot.


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