Which flower matches your friend's personality?

Which flower matches your friend's personality?

The language of flowers is beautiful when it comes to expressing emotions. From ancient times, most of the flowers carry a special meaning or a symbol of expression. Therefore if you present flowers for your friends, think a bit about their personality before you choose. Like humans, flowers carry a certain personality which we can associate with our temperaments.

   From the magnificent roses to the graceful gardenias, every flower matches a myriad of personalities. Here we share our insights into which flower suits your friend's personality that helps you to gift them the best bloom/ bouquet easily through the online flower bouquet delivery in Dubai.


'The Classic' Roses

        Roses represent a classic symbol of love and timeless beauty. If your friend is a versatile and elegant person who loves to be bold and beautiful in thoughts and expressions, make him/ her delighted by gifting a bunch of roses.


'The Vibrant' Tulips

       Look that joyful friend of yours, excited over anything and everything and constantly searching for innovations in life. Pick a pink tulip for him/ her or buy an exclusive Tulip flower bouquet online. Their happiness exudes without hesitation like the arrival of the spring season.


'The Artistic' Daffodil

       Daffodil people are fun and artistic. If your friend is a hard working person, pure like a child, constantly engaging in creative endeavours, present them a bouquet of Daffodils. These flowers are really cheerful which surely make your friend express their mindfulness.


'The luxurious' Orchids

       Luxury lovers suits an Orchids dynamic beauty. That friend of yours who is unparalleled in beauty, worldly and knowledgeable, loves to receive these mysterious tempramental Orchid flowers. Most of them cares for details, appearance and maintain small circle of quality friends.


'The calming' Calla Lilies

       Did you observed your friend is a minimalist and quiet strong? Is he/ she is hardworking with a peculiar style and happy at their accomplishments? He/ she sure loves to get a graceful Calla Lily Bouquet from you. They surely are brilliant and rare, solving the difficult tasks easily in their life.


'The Sweet' Peonies

          Peony people love fantasies. They are more dreamy but have sensitive personality. If your friend is so sweet enough to be joyful even at a lovely gesture, present them a bunch of fluffy and fragrant peonies. They hold on to these nostalgic memories even you forget about it.


Did you match your friends personality with any of these flowers? Or if you would like to know which flower communicate the exact emotion you want to convey, let Covent Garden inspire you order online flower bouquets in dubai. Covent Garden creates luxurious floral masterpieces from exclusive flowers with brilliant shades. Send your friends farm fresh and exclusive flowers and bouquets at Covent Garden Online flower bouquet delivery in Dubai with unbeatable price and quality.


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