How to pick the best Valentine’s Day flower for your girlfriend?

How to pick the best Valentine’s Day flower for your girlfriend?

Are you looking for the best flower to present your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day? We have many options for you in terms of colorful flowers and some tips on how to pick the best valentine’ day flowers for her.  

Anyone can gift flowers on Valentine’s Day for their beloved ones. You don’t have to be perfect. But a simple flower or a bouquet with lots of love can make your loved ones feel special and happy. 

We recommend you to make your orders at least two days before the occasion because you might not get the fresh stock at the day when you order in a hurry. Also if you prefer bouquets, you will get so many customization options in the online store. Therefore choose the best flowers and design a customized bouquet with the help of the online store and make your order at the earliest. Covent Garden offers the best special occasion flowers online Dubai, which is farm fresh and delivered fast in and around the city. 

Valentine’s Day Flowers for you

It is your choice, whether to give a flower or a dozen on the special occasion. Some of you like to buy flowers from the nearby flower shop as it is convenient. But we recommend you to choose online stores as you will get a lot of options to select from and most of them provide you customizations for bouquets. So better to buy a flower bouquet in Dubai through online and for reference visit Covent Garden Online flower shop.

Red Roses are the all time favorite flowers preferred by most of the people to gift on Valentine’s Day. But there are many other options too to pick up from the variety of colorful flowers that best suits your partner’s personality. Let’s see them here.  


Roses come in different colors. As most of you like red roses, why can’t you try some peculiar color varieties in roses? Every color has got a different meaning for love. You can pick the right colored rose that matches your lover’s personality or just mix different colored flowers and present her on Valentine’s Day. Check out the special rose category list of Covent Garden and get the best roses delivery Online Dubai at reasonable prices.


Tulips are wild beauties somewhat similar to roses. Tulips also have many color varieties and the best thing about tulips as Valentine’s Day flowers is their longevity. Gift your girlfriend a bouquet of tulips and she will definitely appreciate the pleasant sun kissed flowers. 


A woman who favors tropical style likes lilies. With the light colored and pleasant flowers along with some tender green touches, a lily bouquet will be a nice Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart. At Covent Garden, we recommend a more balanced bouquet with a combination of white lilies, white orchids and red roses for the one who is a trendsetter. So make your order fast for special occasion flowers online Dubai from our flower shop. 

•Irises and Carnations

Irises are perfect Valentine’s Day gifts to the women whose birthday comes on February. Irises represent many messages based on the colors. As a Valentine’s Day present, give her a bouquet of yellow irises which represents passion. On her birthday, purple irises are ideal as the color symbolizes wisdom and compliments. Carnations are also perfect flower gifts on the occasion of love or for those who would like to present them for the elderly people at home like one’s mother or grandmother, carnations suits better. 


Peonies represent love as like roses. Peonies are hard to find in this season but you can buy these flowers from many online flower shops at an affordable rate. Gift your girlfriend a peony bouquet, customized with a lot of colored flowers or just pick a right vase set as a Valentine’s Day present. 


Daises are the ideal gift for women who is simple and beautiful. They are also perfect to present for your friends or a close relative. Make sure to choose a pleasant bouquet filled with simple yet symbolic daisies to gift on any beautiful occasions. 

Pick up the right flowers to make a beautiful customized bouquet with lot other colorful arrangements and gift boxes to surprise her on the Valentine’s Day. For flowers and flower bouquets, choose your favorite ones from a wide range of categories listed in our store and make your orders fast from Covent Garden online flower delivery in Dubai. We deliver your orders at your doorstep, fast and safe without any delay.  For enquires and make your orders, visit 


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