How Flowers Are Used For Decoration On Different  Occasions

How Flowers Are Used For Decoration On Different Occasions

Would you prefer to attend an event or an occasion decorated with varieties of gorgeous flowers or an event where there are no arrangements of flowers at all? Of course most of us would choose the first one. Flowers have the power to lift up the spirit of any person. Besides using it as decorations for different functions they can be gifted to your near and dear ones for any special occasion. Receiving a bouquet of flowers will surely make anyone’s day special. Covent Garden has variety of flowers required for decorations and gifting. With efficient online delivery system Covent Garden have proven itself and carved a path in carrying out the perfect online flower delivery in Dubai. Our online delivery system is well organised and systematic. We pack and deliver the flowers with utmost care. Through our website you can buy flower bouquet in Dubai or buy flowers of different collections and arrangements.

Let us explore how flowers are used for decoration on different occasions.

Flowers are chosen and decorated according to the occasion or event. The flower decoration in a wedding will be different from that of a birthday celebration. Covent Garden will assist you in selecting the right kind of flowers suitable for the occasion. You can also browse through our website for buying special occasion flowers online Dubai or for getting roses delivery online Dubai.

Corporate events 

Corporate events are mostly formal functions. Flowers for such events are arranged and decorated in a structured and elegant manner.  Vases or boxes of flowers are arranged on tables.  Flowers of subtle colours are usually selected for corporate events.  Covent Garden has variety of flowers which can be decorated and arranged to make any corporate event special. Our flowers decorations like Seasons Delight, Spring Spur,  Pastel Blooms, The Viridscent are suitable for any corporate functions. 


Weddings become more colourful with the arrangement of flowers. A wedding without beautiful decoration is dull and unattractive. Flowers for wedding are usually chosen as per the theme of the wedding. Flowers are also used as accessories during a wedding. Bridal bouquets are an example of such accessories. Some of the flower decorations and bouquets offered by Covent Garden to brighten up any wedding are white Bridal Bouquet, Red Endearment, Joyful Day, Bouquet Sunshine and Verdant Mixed Pink Roses.

Anniversary & Birthday 

Flowers can make birthday celebrations and anniversaries more attractive and enjoyable. They can create beautiful ambience. Since these occasions are personal flowers of the likings of your near and dear ones can be chosen. Covent Garden has the best collection of flowers for anniversaries and birthdays. Our collection of Mixed Flowers of Roses, Dresses to Impress Bouquet, The Sweetener are perfect for you and your loved ones.

Valentine’s Day 

Choose Covent Garden’s unique flower collection to express your love and affection on Valentine’s Day. Red roses are mostly preferred on Valentine’s Day. However you can choose flowers as per the preference of your partner. You can gift or decorate flowers from Covent Garden to add more spark to your relationship.  Bunch of 101 Red Roses, Heart of Roses, Citrus Rush, Pinky Promise, Rouge Revendous are some of the collections which are perfect for Valentine’s Day celebrations.

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