Blooming Bridal Bouquet and Flowers - Vibrant Bouquet For Your Special Day

Blooming Bridal Bouquet and Flowers - Vibrant Bouquet For Your Special Day

A wedding decoration is never perfect without flowers. Everyone would like to look unique during their wedding day. With many options available you might have to choose carefully the bridal bouquets and flowers most suitable for you. Since there are also different meaning attached with flowers you should also take that into consideration while purchasing the flowers. Proper research will give you satisfactory result. So don’t worry if you end up taking time while deciding on the best flowers for your wedding occasion. Covent Garden, floral shop can help you in selecting the most appropriate vibrant and charming wedding bouquet Dubai and wedding flowers. You can browse through our website and order bridal bouquet online in Dubai.

While choosing bridal bouquets and flowers you have to keep certain things in mind. Of course there is no issue in choosing to order bridal bouquet online in Dubai according to your liking but by taking into consideration a few things you can make your wedding all the more perfect. 

o Your wedding theme (colour, decoration type, style, area etc).

o It will be ideal to choose wedding flowers which complement your wedding attire. 

o Consider your height – your bouquet should not hide you and your attire.

o Decide whether you want the bouquet and the flower arrangements to be custom made or not. 

Some choices of flower decorations and bridal bouquet Dubai from our collection. 

Stargazer Rouge

A beautifully arranged bridal bouquet Dubai ‘Stargazer Rouge’ comprise of roses, wax flowers and lilies. They come with excellent wrappers. They will look remarkable with any wedding dress and is sure to make you feel happy and contented. They can be custom made as per your requirement. 

Special Bridal Bouquet

White is one of the most preferred colours during a wedding. This wedding bouquet Dubai made of white flowers with white roses as highlight is elegant and is sure to enhance your wedding ensemble. Without having multiple colours this bouquet will stand out. The pear coloured wrapping of the bouquet is another striking feature of this bouquet. 

Rose Flower Basket

Rose Flower Basket is a delightful arrangement of red roses in between green leaves. The basket is wooden and renders a beautiful appearance to the flower arrangement. You can use this baskets as arrangements during your wedding. This fabulous basket is sure to impress your guests.

Heart of Roses

This is an ideal choice for all those who love red colour and red roses. This wedding bouquet Dubai comprises of only red roses and comes with a red coloured wrapper. These brightly coloured roses are sure to awe everyone. 

Mixed Shades of Pink Roses

Different shades of pink roses are incorporated into this incredible bouquet. Visually magnificent these roses are stunning and one of a kind. 

Mixed Flower of Roses

For those who are looking for different varieties of roses arranged together. Mixed Flower of Roses is a great choice. This bouquet also has green hypericum, alstroemerias and lisianthus. It is wrapped in pink hued sheet. 

Order bridal bouquet online in Dubai and wedding flowers from Covent Garden and make your wedding enchanting.


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