Make Someone Smile On Their Birthday - Send Them Fresh Flowers

Make Someone Smile On Their Birthday - Send Them Fresh Flowers

Flowers are one of the most precious gifts which you can give to someone. You can impress anyone with a bunch of flowers. Fresh flowers will conquer and melt anyone’s heart. A beautiful bouquet is the perfect gift for any event. Flowers are also used as decorations for events and functions such as weddings, corporate meetings, anniversary celebrations, birthday functions etc. To make any place feel welcoming flowers are also kept at tables of homes, offices, hotel receptions etc. Flowers are proven to have a calming effect. It reduces stress and brings peace. The fragrance, colours and the designs will make anyone happy. Flowers therefore have an important part to play in our daily life.


All occasions are special especially birthdays. If you are looking to buy birthday flowers online Dubai then Covent Garden is at your service. Having wide assortment of fresh flowers we are the most preferred choice to buy flower bouquet in Dubai and flower arrangements Dubai. Our flower arrangements Dubai are one of a kind. They are distinctive and can be used for any events or occasions. We have highly trained personnel who will meet your requirement and will design the best flower arrangements Dubai. You can buy flower bouquet in Dubai which can mesmerise anyone from us. The bouquets can be custom made as per your demand or you can buy birthday flowers online Dubai by browsing through the already available patterns and designs. Our flowers are carefully chosen after quality check. They are taken from authentic and genuine sources. We aim to deliver excellent flowers at affordable price. For achieving this aim we work hard and improve ourselves each day. 

Fresh flowers can be given to anyone on their birthdays be it your loved one or you colleague. The right kind of flowers according to the relation which you share with the person can be purchased. Flowers will surely bring smile to anyone’s face. Some suggestions to buy birthday flowers online Dubai from our collection of flowers are discussed below:

Summer Charm

Summer charm as the name itself suggest is arranged to charm anyone. A mix of bright coloured flowers like roses, geminins, impatiens etc make this bouquet the perfect gift for birthday. Gift this to your favourite person and make him/her happy.

Fragrant Joy 

Lavender hued flowers are arranged beautifully in the basket. The occasional green coloured leaves make Fragrant Joy a unique bouquet and anyone receiving it, is sure to love this gift.

Eccentric Anthurium Blend

A distinctive flower arrangement for the lovers of anthurium, Eccentric Anthurium Blend will be a forever remembered gift.

Royal Purple

Purple coloured roses, hydrangeas and lisianthus are arranged in this bouquet. They come in purple wrappers and are stylish and lovely.

Red Endearment (101 Red Roses)

Red roses are everyone’s favourite. This bouquet of red roses comes in an elegant presentation and it can make anyone feel happy and calm. They are wrapped in red toned sheet which complements the flowers fantastically. 




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