Tips For Arranging Flowers in a Vase

Tips For Arranging Flowers in a Vase

Flowers can be arranged in diverse attractive ways in vases.  Flowers arranged in vases can enhance the aesthetics of a place.  They will make any space look welcoming.  Anyone entering such a place will be pleased and happy with the fragrance and fabulous colours.  Covent Garden has numerous varieties of flowers which can be arranged beautifully in your favourite vases.  The finest flower arrangements Dubai can be found with Covent Garden.  You can buy our readymade flower arrangements or can opt for custom made options.  We have fantastic flowers in vases which you will surely love.  Our florists have arranged varied kinds of flowers in the quality vases for meeting the best interest of our customers. Our flower arrangements Dubai are popular for its uniqueness and distinctiveness. 

Some tips for arranging flowers in a vase are given below:

Remove the leaves

Before arranging the flowers in a vase, leaves which are below the water line have to be removed from the stems. It will make the flowers remain fresher. From flowers such as roses along with leaves thorns can also be removed. Leaves which are discoloured have to be removed so that the beauty of the flowers is not lost. 

Style and shape of vase 

According to the style and shape of the vase you can select the flowers and arrange it accordingly. Round arrangements are suitable for round vases. You can mix and match flowers according to the designs on the vase, the size, the colours shape etc of the vase. 

Cutting the stems 

You have to cut the stems of the flowers according to the size of the vase. Stems of flowers have to be measured against the vase and then cut off. If you want the stems to stand out from the vase then accordingly you have to cut it. You should also take into consideration the number of flowers you are planning to place in the vase and then cut the stems so that the space in the vase can be managed. The flowers after the stems are cut can be arranged as per your desire creatively. 

Flower arrangement in layers

Arranging flowers in layers help you to decorate the flowers faster in the vase and also make the flowers look beautiful in a vase. The greenery can be placed first in the vase then later on large flowers can be kept. After that the buds or the smaller flowers can be arranged. You can also keep unique and eye catching flowers as centre piece. You can arrange it as per your wish and also by consulting a good florist. They will have good ideas of the arrangements and also will know where to keep which type of flower. Florists of Covent Garden will do the perfect flower arrangements Dubai.

Arranging flowers evenly

Instead of keeping flowers of a single variety at individual corners you can spread them across the vase. The different colours can also be balanced according to the colour and variety of flowers. In this way unique flower combination can be created. 

The place where you are keeping the arrangement

Depending on the place where you are planning to keep the flower arrangement you can choose the type of vase and flower arrangement. For instance tall vases are ideal for mantelpieces, desks etc, while short vases are suitable for dining tables. According to the proportion of the room and the surface on which you are placing the flower vase you can select the different arrangements. 

Taking care 

It is best to keep the arrangements away from extreme temperature. Keep your vase filled with adequate and right amount of water and change them routinely as required. Also clean the vase and mix the preservative if any with the water. Remove the dying leaves or flowers from it as soon as you see it.


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