Tips For Preserving Flowers To Keep It Fresh

Tips For Preserving Flowers To Keep It Fresh

Everybody wishes to decorate their house, but sometimes it is so hard to choose the most elegant home decors that will suit your place. But flowers never run out of their demand and they get along with any place. The other question that arise, is that flower die soon and lose its beauty, and  what then? And so, why do not we try some tips to preserve the flowers to retain its hue and grace for a bit longer. Covent garden is specialized to provide special occasion flowers online in Dubai, and thereby we know how flowers can embellish the place. Simultaneously we also recognize that our clients mostly ask if how long would the flowers last. So here we are with some simple and amazing tips that will enable you and your room to enjoy the flowers for days.

Fresh cut flowers can light up a room, but once it gets dries and wilted, it is no longer an adorable home décor. But with proper care that we will help you learn with this article, to make your flowers kept fresh and vibrant. Let us start with some basic knowledge.

How long do the cut flowers last?

The species and the freshness of the flowers tell us the lifespan of the cut flowers. the flowers are most fresh immediately after cut, and is right in a vase. If you are in a hunt for flowers that last longer, chrysanthemums, carnations, alstroemeria, lilies, hydrangeas and clematis can be put into considerations. These flowers seem to last up to 10 days, and chrysanthemums are seen to enjoy the clean vase with fresh water for 4 weeks. Covent garden, provides customized flowers as the best special occasion flowers online in Dubai, keeping our clients’ request as the priority. We help you choose the right flower and guide you to preserve them longer.

How to keep cut flowers fresh?

When you go for online flower bouquet delivery in Dubai, it is also important to educate yourselves how to take care of them. here are the ways to preserve your flowers.

Choose the right kind of container

The place where the flowers are stored influences a lot, and so always ensure to place the flowers in a clean vase, which is free from any residue or leftover detergent. The proper arrangement also plays its part, as the lighter and more fragile cut flowers require a taller vase and cut heavy blooms short, and give them a low vase so that they will have enough room to spread out.

Cut 2 inches off the flower stems before placing them in the water

The way the flowers are cut, also help to preserve them longer, you have to ensure that you try to cut stems at 45 degree angle to increase the surface area and allow for greater water flow. Cutting the flower stems underwater is also a good trick to prevent air bubbles stuck in their stems and blocking the water flow.

Make sure the water is at the right temperature

Room temperature helps the flowers to live longer, while some bulb flowers do good in cool or cold water. Make sure to fill your vase to 3 quarters and keep topping it off as the flowers absorb more liquid.

Provide acidic water

Acidic water with Ph level between 3.5 and 5.0 are seen to do good for the cut flowers.

Prune any leaves below the water line

Remove underwater leaves regularly as any leaved submerged can rot which leads to bacterial growth and hence ruining the flowers.

Maintain your flowers regularly

Proper love and care for your flowers, will reward you. Ensure to replace the dirty vase water with fresh water in a clean vase every day. The flowers should be re cut every 2 to 3 days to allow them absorb water.

Keep the cut flowers out of harsh environments

Save your flowers from direct sunlight, hot appliances, or near gusts of air from fans, air conditioning or open windows. Also make sure that you keep cut flowers away from fresh fruit as it speeds up the wilting process of flowers from the traces of ethylene gas.

Nurture your flowers with a flower food packer

You can go for pre packages mixture of all the essential preservatives that help the longer life of cut flowers. the flower food majorly contains balanced blend of sugar, acidifier and a biocide.

Vodka can do magic

To decelerate the aging process of your cut flowers, you can give a little alchohol. If impeded flowers from producing the ethylene gas and thus slowing the wilting process.

Separate harmful flower into their container

Keep the flowers like hyacinths, irises, and daffodils in separate container for a day before getting all the flower types together as they produce toxic chemicals that can kill other plants.


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