Tips For Ordering Your Anniversary Flowers: Best Types of Flowers

Flowers serve as a means of expression for the finest of our feelings and emotions for others, which is why they are important in daily life. Flowers bring joy to every occasion. A flower arrangement may enhance the welcoming ambience of any area in a quick and easy way. Bright and cheery flowers have an instant impact on our mood since they may make us feel delighted. 

A floral service supplier can serve you with beautiful floral decoration and flower delivery according to your need. You can order Anniversary flowers in Dubai to bring joy to the occasion. A quick method to go through the countless alternatives and deliver a meaningful arrangement is to select anniversary flowers yearly.


Carnations are the customary flowers for the first anniversary. It is the pinnacle of all symbols of love allure. Order anniversary flowers in Dubai as you can bring meaning to the occasion. 


This distinct, vibrant bloom represents a strong love and is typically used to celebrate the second anniversary. These flowers are seen as representing peace, order and innocence. Red cosmos are a powerful sign of passion and love. You continue to express your love and passion while demonstrating how solid your relationship has grown. 


Sunflower is best to celebrate your third-year anniversary. It stands for something powerful, vibrant, and passionate. It represents devotion, fidelity, and enduring love.


The lively and colourful geranium is the ideal flower to commemorate four years of being married. Geraniums represent the fusion of two individuals' spirits, bodies, and minds.


Daisy is the ideal flower to symbolise the purity and softness of your loving connection on your fifth anniversary. Everyone can be drawn to them by their incredibly alluring and captivating charm and fall for them.


For the sixth wedding anniversary, the Calla Lily is the ceremonial flower. Bouquets typically contain these exquisite white flowers, which stand for love.


The fragrant flower with a wide range of colour options, freesias are perfect for celebrating a seventh wedding anniversary. Although the hues of freesias have various connotations, they all stand for loyalty, thoughtfulness, friendship, and tenderness.


Clematis is the ideal flower for eight years anniversary. The gorgeous clematis blossom in shades of pink and purple stands for the togetherness of two minds.


Ninth year anniversary can be celebrated with beautiful poppy flowers. With their stunningly vivid crimson petals, poppies represent remembrance, hope, and imagination.


The ideal flower for a tenth wedding anniversary is a bouquet of yellow daffodils, which symbolizes the unending joy of a decade of marriage. Daffodils are hardy and tenacious, and they appear stunning when they are put in a bouquet because of their brilliant yellow colour.


The fifteenth wedding anniversary can be celebrated with stunning rose flowers. Roses are the ideal gift to convey your unwavering love and admiration. Roses are a symbol of love and passion. The traditional image of passionate, profound love has been a crimson rose.


Asters are the perfect flower for commemorating the delight of the accomplishments you both have attained over the last 2 decades since they symbolize the beauty, pride, and commitment that your partnership has been witness to throughout the years.

Covent Garden 

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To make any celebration exceptional, Covert Garden specializes in providing top-notch floral arrangements at the time and day according to customer preference. They provide lovely accents for homes and gardens as well as design and planting assistance for customers.

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The handcrafted fresh flower arrangements are wrapped and spiralled with the best flowers to be sent anywhere in the UAE. The florists guarantee that each flower arrangement is created skillfully to make the recipient feel happy and appealing.

Anniversary flowers delivery in Dubai

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The fact that you celebrate your anniversary speaks much about your memorable wedding. Flowers are the ideal present to mark this significant occasion. Flowers strongly proclaim the passion between partners since they are vibrant and dazzling. Therefore, don't forget to include these exotic blooms in your celebrations. Order Anniversary flowers in Dubai with the Covent garden. Anniversary flower delivery in Dubai is made simple as you can order your floral bouquet online.


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