THE ULTIMATE ROSE GUIDE- Everything about roses

THE ULTIMATE ROSE GUIDE- Everything about roses

What’s more beautiful than a sight of beautiful red rose?? For a long time, Roses have being enjoying the privilege of most loved flowers all around the world. The attributes that contributes to the popularity of rose flowers can be its color, fragrance, varieties and much more.

Roses always symbolizes love, romance, admiration in the most simple, yet perfect way. The color and number of rose flowers have their specific meanings. Even a single red rose with a long stem can become a great addition to your interior décor.


Scientific name: Rosa

Order: Rosales

Family: Rosaceae

Kingdom: Plantae

Higher classification: Rosoideae

With over 150 varieties of roses, they can be found in almost all colors and shapes. To name a few, we have listed names of some rose species. ( plz provide pics)

  • Floribunda
  • Hybrid tea 
  • Grandiflora
  • Shrub and landscape
  • Climber
  • Miniature
  • Tree

There are many varieties of roses under each species in different color, fragrance and size.


“A rose's rarest essence lives in the thorn”. – Rumi

“A thorn defends the rose, harming only those who would steal the blossom.” -Chinese Proverb

“No rose without a thorn.” -French Proverb

“Take time to smell the roses.” -Proverb

“Roses fall, but the thorns remain.” -Dutch Proverb

“Do not watch the petals fall from the rose with sadness, know that, like life, things sometimes must fade, before they can bloom again.” -unknown

“The rose is a flower of love. The world has acclaimed it for centuries. Pink roses are for love hopeful and expectant. White roses are for love dead or forsaken, but the red roses, ah the red roses are for love triumphant.” - Unknown

“It is the time you have spent on your rose that makes her so important.”

“The red rose whispers of passion, and the white rose breathes of love; O, the red rose is a falcon, And the white rose is a dove.”- John Boyle O'Reilly

“A rose must remain with the sun and the rain or its lovely promise won't come true.”- Ray Evans


  • Grow rose plant in well-drained soil with best available sunlight.
  • Moist soils, warm temperatures are always preferred, and take extra effort not to set rose plants among other plants.
  • Organic fertilizers are the mostly preferred fertilizer for growing roses.
  • Cut off all broken and damaged roots of the Rose plant to avoid further decay.
  • While planting a rose plant, you should always dig holes in the soil at least 6 inches deeper and place the root of the Rose plant without bending and destroying them.
  • Limit the use of fertilizer to 1 tablespoonful and mix with the soil. There’s no wonder that people are so fond of them. They are really, a beautiful divine masterpiece.

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