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Pinky Promise
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Pinky Promise
A blend of pink and red roses in the bouquet with the pink wrapping sheet is an extraordinary...
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Pastel Solicitude
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Pastel Solicitude
Pastel colours are always graceful and this bouquet is designed to discover the beauty of...
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Your jaw will drop at these floral assortment collections. With exquisite white roses, double-colored spray roses, purple and pink hydrangea, white orchids, and light purple roses with Arika and Massengana leaves, the collection of mixed flowers look absolutely breathtaking. If you are looking for online flower shops in Dubai, then we are right for you.

According to a survey by the Petal Republic, the flower industry's global market is thought to be worth about $100 billion. The experts predict that during the following five years, the industry will expand at a compound annual rate of 6.3%.

Gift baskets and flower arrangements are brilliant ways to show your loved ones how much you care. Thanks to technological advancements, flower deliveries through e-commerce platforms are becoming more and more popular. In some situations, placing your order online and having the sympathy flowers delivered on the same day is possible.

Benefits of online flower shops in Dubai

There are many benefits of online flower shops in Dubai such as Covent Garden. For instance, we send flowers in Dubai same-day i.e. same day delivery.

1. Convenience

Services that deliver flowers online are all about convenience. You don't need to go to many flower shops in search of the blooms you want. You may browse through many flower gift basket options from the comfort of your couch. You can give addresses and any delivery information for the places you want your package to travel. After you provide the necessary details, the online flower shop takes care of the rest.

2. Various choices

Based on the season and the sort of flowers the florist orders, physical flower shops may only provide a limited selection of flowers. To select the ideal floral arrangement, you might need to browse through numerous flower stores. When you order flowers online, you may quickly navigate down the e-commerce website to view and select your favorite blooms. Services that supply flowers can simply locate the precise species of blooms that your partner enjoys.

3. 24/7 customer support

The online flower delivery service is available 24/7. Any time, wherever in the globe, you may order products from the website and have them delivered. Furthermore, the customer care expert may assist you with creating a lovely greeting to go with your gift basket. Some flower shops charge a higher price for specialist services like express flower delivery.

4. Affordable prices

Typical florists often have large overhead costs, which they pass through to their clients. Before selling flowers, the florists must have the actual flowers in the shop. The majority of online flower delivery providers need to display a sample and deliver the flowers once you order. Online retailers offer you cheaper pricing, and some of them even have special deals for holidays and special occasions.

5. Saves you time

If you take into account the hectic modern lifestyles, it could be challenging for most people to stroll into a real store to buy flowers. Customers can send flower bouquets to their loved ones by ordering online. The flower delivery service can make sure that your flowers reach your loved ones even if you are out of the country for any business.

Why choose us?

Flowers have traditionally been the most sentimental gifts for any occasion. No matter the occasion—a birthday party, wedding, party, graduation ceremony, etc.—flowers are always present. The online florists will have a large selection of flowers that are appropriate for various occasions to construct bouquets and express feelings and emotions.

A wide selection of flowers

Speedy same-day delivery

Fresh flowers delivered to your home or business

A floral collection for any occasion

Imported flowers from the greatest farms worldwide

Hassle-free shipping

Your 24/7 customer service

Affordability without compromising quality

Feel free to call us at +971 5054 75107 if you have any questions or if you send flowers to Dubai the same day.


  • When will my order arrive to the recipient?

When you want to send flowers in Dubai same day, Convent Garden can make the deliveries. The orders will reach the recipient the same day. 

  • Can my order be delivered today?

Yes, we make same day delivery at our online flower shop Dubai. The deliveries are made within 5 hours of the order.

  • Will my contact information be kept confidential?

Yes, we can make your contact information confidential. It will not be shared with anyone else, but the delivery person. 

  • Can I ask for a specific date or time for the delivery?

Yes, you can arrange for a delivery date by talking with our customer service representative. We can send flowers in Dubai same day as well. 

  • Can you make a delivery on the same day as the order?

Yes, we make same day delivery from our online flower shop Dubai. The time for making the same day delivery when your order is made is displayed on our website.

  • Will the delivery be a surprise?

Yes, we make surprise deliveries. You can decide which bouquet you want to gift and we will make it a nice surprise delivery. 

  • How can I be sure that the products arrive in good condition?

We have a quality assurance team that will check the products before they are packaged and shipped. And we are very careful with the flowers, handling them delicately so they will reach you in excellent condition. 

  • Will you call the recipient before delivering?

Yes, we will call the recipient before delivering the product. However, if the delivery is to be a surprise, then we will directly make the delivery. 

  • What happens in case the recipient is not available at the time of delivery?

We can leave the order with a neighbour if the recipient is not available at the time of delivery. Or we can place the order at your doorstep if requested. 

  • How do I know my order has been received and confirmed?

We will send you an email confirming the order, and you can track the order at the orders page to know the status. This is the same when we send flowers in Dubai same day and for advance orders.

  • Can I get gift wrapping for the products I have purchased?

Yes, we will gift wrap the flowers and deliver them at our online flower shop Dubai. Even when we send flowers in Dubai same day delivery. 

  • I am sending gifts, can the prices be removed before shipping?

Yes, of course we remove the price tags before sending them to the delivery address, if requested.

  • How Do I Care For My Flowers?

Keep the flower arrangement in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. If the flowers are not in a vase, you will have to place them in a vase after removing any thorns or leaves. Next, cut the stems and place them in a vase. 


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