Decoding Roses: Meaning Behind Different Colors

Colors are indeed elements that give meaning to the eyes. On the contrary, humans tend to put meaning to colors. Research in color psychology suggests that different colors can evoke specific emotions in individuals. Flowers, particularly roses, being nature’s depiction of colors, are found to take a spin-off from these psychological findings in that they created meanings of their own. 

Roses are the epicenter of this discourse. The symbolism of its colors has been extensively explored in art and literature. Moreover, it has developed unique meanings through cultural interactions. However, there are some generally observed meanings behind the color of roses. Here is an exploration of this topic.

Red Roses: The Epitome of Love

It is a universally accepted symbol of love, romance, and passion. While evoking powerful emotions they convey messages of deep affection and desire. They have been celebrated as tokens of enduring love and heartfelt devotion throughout literature, art, and folklore. To cite the master of romantic tragedies William Shakespeare, inspiration for using red roses for the above-mentioned contexts seems to have derived from his sonnets. Particularly in his Sonnet 18 and Sonnet 130 the speaker compares the beauty of their beloved to that of a red rose. This demonstrates the timeless symbolism of red roses in expressing love and desire. Before making orders for roses delivery online Dubai please be aware of such implications

White Roses: For New Beginnings

Purity, Innocence, and new beginnings are the essential feelings and occasions that they represent. It is also used to convey messages of reverence, remembrance, and hope. Thus they find relevance in weddings as well as funerals and memorial services. In a way, they mark both beginnings and departures. This spiritual aspect of white flowers can also be traced back to literature of the past. In Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem “The Lady of Shalott” the titular character weaves a tapestry with white lilies and white roses. This activity in this poem like the attributed qualities for white roses symbolizes purity and innocence. Moreover, it adds to the ethereal atmosphere of the poem.

Pink Roses: A Softer Sentiment

Generally, it symbolizes grace, admiration, and sweetness. They are often used to show appreciation and gratitude which makes them a token of affection and friendship. However, there are variations in its shades and the respective meanings that they convey. While a light pink rose conveys gentleness, sweetness, and innocence deeper shades represent heartfelt gratitude and appreciation. As they are also exchanged as symbols of joy and happiness they can be bought from any garden that offers roses delivery online Dubai to use them for versatile events ranging from weddings to birthdays.

Yellow for friendship

Friendship, Joy, and Optimism are the symbolisms of yellow roses. It shares neither romance nor the feelings of purity, but a sense of warmth, happiness, and positivity. As these bright and cheerful colors evoke feelings of optimism and sunshine, they can be used to evoke the spirits of a suffering companion. The positivity spread by these roses also makes them ideal for new beginnings such as graduation day or the birth of a child.

Other than these rose varieties, orange that invokes enthusiasm and energy, and lavender and blue roses with an air of mystery also seem to color meanings into the gifting of roses.

Covent Garden with a vision to tell stories with flowers understands these meanings within the colors of roses. Our variety of bouquet collections reflects this commitment and understanding. In your pursuit to share stories with your loved ones, we wish to blend some meanings into them. Don’t hesitate! Reach out to us for the best roses delivery online Dubai.


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