Creative Solution for Presenting Birthday Flowers to Your Loved One

Birthdays are special days in which most people crave attention and pampering. More than anyone else they expect it from special persons in their life.
On such occasions, it will be a sweet gesture of affection, appreciation, and joy to gift them with birthday flowers. Since it has become easier to buy birthday flowers online Dubai it will not be a troublesome affair. The Society of American Florists conducted a genuine research on women candidates in this subject. They found that about 92% of them remember the last time they received flowers. The striking fact of this study is that about 89% of respondents believe that receiving flowers makes them feel special. Such data is an extra motivation for individuals who plan to order flowers online Dubai to make their beloved feel special. However, gifting plain flowers may not create the desired impact. This is why the following guide with creative solutions for gifting birthday flowers could be helpful.

Flower Bouquet with Balloons

Birthdays call for celebration. Gifting birthday flowers can kick start its excitement. Adding elements such as balloons, birthday banners, confetti poppers, and ribbons along with a bouquet of flowers could make the day of your loved one. According to a study conducted by Rutgers University, flowers immediately impact the happiness of the receiver and it lasts for days. Adding some more embellishments such as the ones mentioned earlier will extend the life and intensity of this happiness.

Unique Vases or Containers

Deciding to buy birthday flowers online Dubai is a good start. However, it is possible to do more than merely give it to the favorite person. A unique vase or container that is chosen with attention to the interests of the other person will give an impact of a thoughtful choice. This makes the gift even more special. In case this person is someone inclined to a sustainable living you can impress them with a refurbished and reusable container. Antique watering cans, colorful teapots, and custom-painted containers are other options to consider.

Flowers with Chocolates and Nourishment

It will be like a visual treat immersed in the sensual treat of fragrance and deliciousness. More than that a flower vase filled with gourmet chocolates adds an extra layer of celebration for the birthday. This approach works pretty well in case it is delivered to this person’s office. On one side its visual treat relieves them from office pressure. According to a study conducted by Texas A&M University flowers in the workplace can also boost productivity and creativity. On the other side, adding a delicious treat and nourishment along with flower gifts gives them a feeling of being cared for.

Surprise Floral Doorstep Delivery

There can’t be anything more special than surprising your loved ones on their special day. Start withbuying birthday flowers online Dubai. Leading florists will facilitate direct delivery to their doorsteps. It is also possible to add personal notes or birthday cards to express the wishes. This will undoubtedly kick start their special day with delight. These 4 key solutions are guaranteed to strengthen your bond with your loved ones. At Covent Garden we also have a range of unique floral arrangements designed for birthday gifts. Visit our online store to see it yourself. We guarantee that these creative flower arrangements will make the day of your favorite person.


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