Orchid Mix Pink Flower Bouquet

577.50 AED

Orchid Mix Pink Flower Bouquet, where elegance meets the brilliant color of nature, you may enter a world of everlasting beauty. This charming arrangement was expertly made and includes a lovely combination of delicate orchids and vibrant pink blossoms. It is the ideal present for important occasions because each petal speaks of love and affection. Offers orchid delivery all over in Dubai

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Should you require your delivery to be made within a specific time period we are able to offer the following delivery services :

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‘Special delivery’ service is available as an addition to Covent Garden UAE Delivery Charge. The service is offered for flower orders to selected delivery locations within the UAE. Should you require this delivery service, your must ‘add’ this to your product basket BEFORE completing your Order Form which must be submitted at least 5 hours in advance of the required delivery time. Delivery Time may only be between 10am and 8pm UAE Time. This delivery service is offered subject to availability and is not available for certain products – the service may be withdrawn without notice during busy periods.

A particular meaning and emotion are associated with each color of the rainbow, and the same is true with the many shades of orchids. Each color of the orchid has its own meaning and significance, making them a treasure of symbolism. Favorite orchids can have colors like red, pink, white, blue, green, purple, orange, and yellow, as well as Dendrobium, Cymbidium, and others.

While orchids are generally associated with charm, beauty, elegance, and fertility, these magnificent blooms are ideal for any occasion, even just to spread joy. With the help of your friends at Covent Garden, the leading orchid delivery store in Dubai, choose the ideal orchid shade for your upcoming special occasion as they explore each individual meaning and symbol depending on the orchid color.

If you are looking for orchid delivery in Dubai, then this is for you. But before that, read about the meaning of different types of orchids.

1. Blue Orchids

A blue orchid is an ideal flower to give to someone you find attractive in their own special manner. The unusual yet natural beauty of this specific blue flower, which can also be seen in the people we hold dear to our hearts, is symbolized by it. The blue orchid is not only beautiful, rare, and distinctive, but it also represents spirituality.

2. Red Orchids

Aztecs would consume an elixir comprised of chocolate and orchids to increase their own strength and power. Red orchids are symbolic of strength, but they also stand for resolve, bravery, endurance, desire, passion, and love. Sending this striking flower to someone you adore is a terrific idea, or couple it with red roses for the ideal combination.

3. Pink Orchids

Pink orchids are a lovely bloom that stands for grace, tenderness, innocence, happiness, fun, and fertility. Pregnant women and growing families can welcome their new newborn babies with the help of this pink blossom. Pink orchids are lovely decorations for weddings, baptisms, and even baby showers.

4. White Orchids

Purity is the second idea that comes to mind when we consider the color white. These fresh orchids represent purity, as well as trust, modesty, protection, grace, purity, and beauty. White orchids can be used in your wedding bouquet for purity and elegance, displayed in a house of worship for faith and spirituality, or you can just admire them in your home.

5. Purple Orchids

The Victorian era had a profound impact on the significance of orchids since the ruling elite had a deep veneration for these magnificent blooms. Purple orchids have come to represent power, respect, and royalty ever since. Purple orchids are a beautiful way to express reverence and admiration to the recipient of this magnificent bloom if you enjoy sending flowers.

6. Yellow Orchids

Yellow orchids are a representation of friendship, fresh beginnings, and joy as they are a cheery, bright, and positive color. This magnificent bright bloom is ideal to gift to distant friends, support someone starting a new chapter in their life, and spread joy.

7. Orange Orchids

Orange is a great color that stands for innovation, energy, prosperity, and the sun. The orange orchid is also a symbol of excitement, bravery, and pride. Include this colorful flower in any celebration, whether it be for a fantastic beginning, a job promotion, or to infuse your home or office with energy and inspiration.

8. Green Orchids

We enjoy sending green orchids to friends and family members who might benefit from extra luck and blessings. This heartfelt act was motivated by the meanings associated with green orchids, such as luck, prosperity, happiness, and even nature. As per Japanese culture, displaying a green orchid in your house or place of business is thought to bring luck to your life and profession.

Why choose us?

Thoughtfulness, elegance, fertility, beauty, charisma, and love are all attributes associated with orchids, making them the ideal bloom to commemorate all of life’s special occasions. The orchid is quite unique, with a huge variety of hues to pick from. We at Covent Garden can help you choose the freshest flowers and the ideal orchid color for your upcoming occasion.

• Fresh flowers with beautiful fragrances readily available to your loved ones

• Wide range of floral collections for any event

• Imported flowers handpicked from the best farms worldwide

• Hassle-free shipping anywhere in the UAE

• 24/7 customer support

• Affordable and competitive price

Want to know more? Call us at +971 5054 75107 if you have any inquiries.


  • How Long Will It Take My Order To Arrive?

At Covent Garden, we do same day delivery depending on when you place the order, and where the delivery is to be shipped. We also provide Special delivery for certain products. The deliveries are usually made 5 hours after the order is taken.

  • How Do The Orchids Stay Fresh?

We ensure that the flowers stay good and fresh during the orchid delivery Dubai. Once you receive them, keep them in a room that has natural light, but not direct sunlight.

  • My Order Arrived Damaged. What Can I Do?

We will deliver the flowers fresh, but if your products are damaged, reach out to our customer care and we will resolve the issue. We will send a new shipment once you contact us within 24 hours of receiving the product.

  • How Should I Care For My Orchid?

Your orchids would require once a week, and they need natural light so you can place them near the window facing east or west. You can feed them with fertiliser once a week too.

  • Can I Customise My Order?

Yes, you can customise your order depending on what all colours you want the orchids to be. They can be mixed and matched and made into a bouquet to be sent to the address you want.

  •  Can I Make Changes To My Order?

You can contact our customer care representative if you want to make changes to the order. If the order has not been shipped, then we can easily make the changes and send them to you.

  • How to shop for Orchid flowers online in Dubai?

You can shop online for orchids because we provide the best, fresh flowers at Covent Garden. Check out our Orchid delivery Dubai options and order yours today.

  • Where to track my shipment of the orders?

Once you make an order, you will have to fill a form and enter your personal details, including delivery address and email. When the payment confirmation is made, you can track the order at the orders page.

  • Where do your flowers come from?

We pick and choose the flowers, so we make sure the flowers are fresh, local and made organically, and are cared for well.

  • Why does the price of flowers go up during holidays?

The floriculturists receive a lot of orders during the peak season, and they have to source the flowers so they work hard to meet the tight deadlines. And the florists are kept super busy because their skills are needed in cutting and arranging the flowers. This is why the price of the flowers go up during the peak season.

  • Why choose Covent garden?

Covent Garden is the perfect choice when you want to have Orchid delivery Dubai. We have the best orchids for sale, and they come in so many different colours and options. Our orchids are sourced from honest, hardworking floriculturists so you can be assured of fresh blooms that will stay good for long term.

  • Can I choose the size of my chosen product?

The bouquets come in different sizes, and you can choose your size from among those. If you need a different size, you can get in touch with our customer representative and customise your bouquet accordingly.

  • Can I create my own bouquet?

Yes, you can go through our collection, and choose a bouquet that would best fit your requirement and order with the help of our customer representative team. They would assist you with creating your own bouquet.

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