Tips For Selecting Flowers If You Have Allergies

Flowers are a lovely way to convey feelings and cheer up any occasion. However, choosing the appropriate flowers might be difficult for individuals who have allergies.
Some flowers can cause common allergy symptoms like sneezing, itchy eyes, and congestion. But do not worry, allergy victims! In this blog, we will give you some tips on how to choose flowers that won’t make your allergies worse. This way you can appreciate the beauty of floral arrangements. Also read the best site that provides online Flower Bouquet Delivery in Dubai.
  1. Research Allergy-Friendly Flowers:

    Spend some time researching which flowers are less likely to cause allergies before placing an order for a bouquet of them. Choose blossoms that don’t release pollen into the air and that produce little pollen. Roses, tulips, daffodils, and snapdragons are typically regarded as allergy-friendly flower choices. Although these blooms do contain certain allergens, they are less likely to trigger severe allergic reactions.
  2. Avoid Highly Fragrant Flowers:

    While the scent of flowers might be lovely, allergy sufferers may find it irritating. Lilies and hyacinths, which have potent scents, are not recommended for allergy sufferers since they tend to release more allergic substances into the air. Instead, think about going with flowers like geraniums or iris that have softer scents.
  3. Opt for Closed Buds:

    The risk of allergy symptoms rises when flowers are in full bloom because more pollen is released into the atmosphere. Choose bouquets with closed buds or flowers that are just partially open to minimize exposure. When they completely bloom in your home, they can still offer a gorgeous display while being less prone to spread pollen.
  4. Arrange Flowers Away from Living Spaces:

    If you really can’t help yourself from buying specific flowers that could aggravate your allergies, consider putting the bouquet in a space where you don’t visit very often. This way, you can reduce your exposure to allergies while still appreciating the flowers’ beauty from a distance.
  5. Regularly Change Water:

    A flower vase’s water can accumulate pollen, which can then serve as another source of allergies. Change the water frequently, ideally every day, to lower the chance of exposure. This straightforward procedure can assist in lowering pollen levels and preventing allergy symptoms.


By choosing flowers that won’t trigger allergy symptoms, you can relax and take in the beauty of floral arrangements without having to worry. To reduce exposure to pollen, keep in mind to research allergy-friendly blooms, stay away from overly aromatic flowers, choose unopened buds, and change the water frequently. If you are planning to buy Flower Bouquet in Dubai, then we at Covent Garden are there for you. We will assist you with all your floral needs and make sure they are fulfilled with care and perfection. Covent Garden is where you should go for the best online flower bouquet delivery in Dubai. You can now enjoy the joy of flowers without having to worry about allergies thanks to these suggestions and the knowledge of Covent Garden.

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