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Summer Charm
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Summer Charm
An extra-special bouquet with the finest of bright summer blossom colours and tones can add...
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Red Queen
Red roses are the symbol of love and will never go out of trend. They stimulate romance and...
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Pinky Promise
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Pinky Promise
A blend of pink and red roses in the bouquet with the pink wrapping sheet is an extraordinary...
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Do you have any upcoming conferences or marketing events planned in Dubai? Do you want to increase productivity in your office? You will be looking for the right elements that represent your brand and delivers an impact. Trust us when we say that nothing works better than flowers for any corporate event while giving equal importance to signage, furniture, and decorations. Corporate flower arrangements in Dubai are undoubtedly essential for your workplace.

Flowers and attractive plants boost positive energy that promotes feelings of security and relaxation. Having flowers around the office significantly lowers stress levels. Healthy plants and flowers have apparent decorative value because they may make any area appear friendlier to guests and the people who live there. Along with the creative interior design, flowers and floral arrangements may bring a vivacious and energizing touch to your house or place of business.

Benefits of corporate flower arrangements in Dubai

Why look for artificial flower arrangements in Dubai when you can choose the real, floral ones that can uplift anyone’s day? There are many benefits of having flowers in the office. Here are a few.

1. Raising brand awareness

The secret to enhancing your brand is by adding floral arrangements at your workplace. Many corporates are realizing the benefits of flowers and using them to boost productivity and support their employees. The floral assortment also can help you impress clients. How is that even possible? Here’s how. All of your visitors will be drawn into the atmosphere as soon as they enter thanks to expertly arranged corporate flowers. For instance, flowers at your office desk or certain areas of the office such as the reception area add an aesthetic appeal and make the office look more comfortable. This makes it simple for you to improve your brand. So next time in your conference room, place some floral arrangements close to your furnishings. The combination of colors, elegance, and style that is linked with your event will be noticed by attendees. We at Covent garden provide you with various floral arrangements in Dubai at your office that will grab the attention of your clients.

2. Enhancing the event atmosphere

Corporate meetings can occasionally become dull and monotonous. This can make your guests/clients feel uncomfortable. You can genuinely improve the friendly, carefree, and sophisticated ambiance of your event by using business flowers. The reception area of your event, along walls and corridors, and as centerpieces are all possible uses for flowers at business parties. The sophistication of your business flower arrangements will leave guests feeling calm and at ease as soon as they enter.

3. Adds style and elegance

Your venue will look more elegant as a result of each flower you place there. The success of your event is influenced by the flowers' colors, sizes, vases, and species.

Think carefully about the flowers you choose for the space if you want to make a forthcoming event particularly memorable. Your guests will always be drawn to a striking centerpiece that is surrounded by flowers. The beauty and flair of your event can also be enhanced by strategically placing flowers close to the stage, a podium for speeches, or close to windows.

4. Reducing anxiety and stress

Corporate flowers go beyond simple décor. Fresh flowers on a regular basis might help you calm down both your visitors and staff. According to various studies, flowers can lessen stress levels by up to 37%.

Why choose us?

We at Covent Garden are aware of the stress managing a company can have. There can be tight deadlines, client meetings, and overall pressure that add up to the stress. You can feel at ease whenever you enter the room thanks to our corporate flowers.

These are some of the many benefits of having corporate flower arrangements in Dubai. We have a huge collection of flowers than a retail store which is why online flower stores are more beneficial. If you are looking for the perfect partner to deliver you fresh flowers every day, we are there for you.

a. Various assortment of flowers

b. Fresh flowers delivered to your home or office

c. Same-day delivery quickly

d. Floral collection for any occasion

e. Imported flowers from the best farms from all over the world

f. Quick and hassle-free delivery

g. 24/7 customer support for you

h. Affordable price without compromising on quality

Send your loved one who works at the office a bouquet of flowers to brighten their day. If you have any queries, feel free to call us at +971 5054 75107.


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