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Bunch Of Red
Red roses can speak love. These roses are the best way to communicate your love and affection...
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Valentine Flower Same Day Delivery

Love is not only something you feel, it is also something you do.....Add a spark of romance in your life with our chic ‘love’ bouquets. These bouquets are fluent with language of love so that they express your passion for someone. Arranged in a ravishing way to bloom a smile on the receiver’s face, it can take either the form of a valued gift or a stylish décor for your room interiors.

Valentine's Day is coming up soon. Sending flowers and other romantic gifts to our spouses and partners is the ideal way to show them how much we care at this time of year. Consider getting your flowers from Covent Garden ahead of time to avoid the typical Valentine's Day flower rush. That said, here are the four benefits of placing your Valentine's Day flower orders early. If you are looking for same-day flower delivery in Dubai, then we are here for you.

Benefits of ordering flowers online

1. Order the flower arrangements of your choice now.

Everyone will order flowers on Valentine's Day. In fact, as per the Society of American Florists, Valentine’s day sees the purchase of 250 million roses. While this is excellent news for florists in Dubai and other locations, it could be disastrous for those who place late orders. Imagine having to send your significant other the final arrangement available because you were unable to locate any dark red carnations, purple orchids, or roses. By making advance arrangements and ordering your flowers in advance from a local florist, you may prevent such awkward situations. You can avoid choosing flowers that your partner won't enjoy. If you are a devoted partner, you will go above and beyond to make your partner's Valentine's Day unforgettable. Fortunately, ordering early from a florist or online makes it simple.

2. Quick delivery

Valentine's Day is one of the busiest days for florists. Because of the overflow in demand, most florist businesses may even refuse last-minute orders. Flowers must be carefully scheduled for delivery due to their perishable nature, or else they would wither in transit. When you place your order in advance, Covent Garden florists can more easily plan their delivery schedule. You can be confident that your arrangement of fresh flowers will arrive in time for you to give them to your significant other.

Even though Covent Garden florists provide same-day flower delivery in Dubai, heavy business days like Valentine's Day may slow down their efficiency. Make sure to pre-order your flowers to prevent the chances of delivery delays.

3. Pre-ordering will also save you money.

Every business experience increases in price during peak seasons due to insufficient supply to meet demand. The same is true for florists on notable occasions like Valentine's Day.

You might be able to get better deals on flowers if you order them a week or two in advance rather than waiting until the last minute. On a busy day like Valentine's Day, you might not only spend more for your flowers but also for delivery. You can also save a few bucks to buy additional romantic presents, such chocolates, and candies.

Why Choose Us?

Giving flowers to a special someone on Valentine's Day is more than just a show of affection. Flowers can instantly lift our spirits and make us feel better. Ordering your flowers early is the greatest way to get ready for this important day. We at Covent Garden will reliably deliver your lovely flowers on schedule. Here are some reasons why we are the best.

Huge selection of flowers

Same-day delivery available

Fresh flowers delivered right to your loved ones

Assortment of floral collections for any special occasion

Imported flowers from the greatest farms worldwide

Quick and Hassle-free shipping

Your 24/7 customer support

Competitive price without compromising quality

Feel free to call us at +971 5054 75107 if you have any questions or if you want valentine’s flower same-day delivery in Dubai.



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